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Located in Medina, OH, serving all of Northeast Ohio and beyond.

Proud Member of Northern Medina County Chamber Allliance.

Proud Memeber of the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerence.

Proud Memeber of Main Street Medina.

About Events and Designs by Kerrie Bellar
Welcome to Events and Designs by Kerrie Bellar. I'd like to introduce myself, I am the owner Kerrie. I’m so happy to assist you with your event.

How I became an Event Planner here in Medina and why I became one is very different to other Planners in Ohio.

Growing up as a young girl in the UK I lived in the Royal Borough of Maidenhead and Windsor, very near Windsor Castle. I had the opportunity to see the elegance and splendor of Royal Events, I also had the privilege of attending events.

I though wanted to play a role in these events, it took me some time to do this as a full-time job, I was working within the education and medical field and on my weekends and vacation time I hosted, smaller events myself. I have a degree in Business and Finance as well as work experience within the hospitality and entertainment industry. All of this gave me the necessary skills for the range of events, from charity events for the local community to special occasion parties for friends. Eventually this grew to a point that I became the “go to” person for coordinating all types of events. Word of mouth proved my turning point in my career path, so I had a choice to make, stay in the career I was in or move into Event Planning full-time.

After many years of success in the UK, I had an opportunity to relocate to the USA. Which is how I've ended up with a successful business here in the beautiful community of Medina, Ohio.

As an Event Coordinator in the UK, I have organized events ranging from 300 plus person Formal Balls with six course meal catering, full bar service, live bands and musicians to Elegant and Rustic Weddings to intimate back yard gatherings that needed a few special touches. In my time I have also coordinated corporate events for businesses and charities. This gave me the ability to learn about different types of Event Planning and the skill needed for each one to be successul and to create experiences for people attending.

There are so many aspects I enjoy about what I do, I appreciate knowing that I have helped a bride enjoy her special day. I understand how stressful it can be and know what a blessing it is to have someone who has taken the time to understand exactly what you want, wether that includes working with a special needs child so that they can enjoy a role in your event to making sure that Aunt Margaret gets that picture she has been waiting so patiently to share with you.

For me event planning is being able to bring an event to life and watch people engage with the event no matter what type it may be. I believe there is nothing more critical to a professional planner’s success than being able to see the big picture and lead execution with the final outcome in mind. When I meet clients, I firstly ask, “What headline would you want written about your event?” This helps clarify the most important reason you’re planning an event, especially if there are multiple goals to achieve.

Why hire me as your Event planner or Coordinator? You shouldn’t have to worry if things will go smoothly. You need to be in the hands of a person who has the experience to make sure your event runs smoothly so you can enjoy your day, wether it is your wedding, birthday, ball or corporate gathering, entrust someone who has that experience and relax knowing you and your event are in good hands.

Experience the benefits of Professional Event Planning

We have crafted our services for individual events, each packages is tailored to the following Events.

Wedding Planning/Coordinator

Baby Showers 

Bridal Showers 


Special Occasions 

Corporate Events

Officiant Services

Our services allow you to relax and focus on enjoying your special day.

We take care of all the little details so you can breathe easy and enjoy your event.

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